Company Information

  • Equipment for Technology & Science Inc. (ETS) has been in business since 1984. We have been selling equipment in Silicon Valley for over 25 years.  Over 90% of our sales are to repeat customers.
  • ETS provides high quality refurbished equipment to well-established companies, start up ventures, university departments, and government labs.  The equipment is used in the semiconductor industry, university electrical engineering and material science departments, MEMS and nanotechnology, as well as for general research and development.  
  • Companies purchase preowned equipment for several reasons.  The primary reason is significant cost savings.  Companies may also choose to purchase preowned for faster delivery times.  It is not unusual for new equipment to be manufactured to order with unacceptably long lead times.  
  • Customers may visit the facility to inspect equipment prior to purchase with 24-48 hour notice.  Inspection prior to purchase provides the customer with the assurance that they are receiving equipment as described and that the equipment will work as expected.
  • All equipment sold is carefully tested and backed by a 60 day parts warranty.  Exceptions to the warranty coverage include lamps, laser tubes, and consummable items